Age estimation and comparison by dental and skeletal maturity in the age range of 9–18 years in the Mumbai region


Hemlata Pandey
Vandana Tripathi
Harish Pathak
Sumit Choudhary
Manoj Parchake


Background: Age estimation is crucial in the identification of juveniles in conflicts with law, survivor of sexual assault, sportsperson, and civil cases. Aims: To estimate and compare the age (9–18 years) by dental and skeletal maturity in the Mumbai region. Settings and Design: This was a cross-sectional study. Materials and Methods: A total of 70 cases from 9 to 18 years of age were studied in 1 year in the urban population of the Mumbai region. Among 70 cases, 45 were males and 25 were females. Orthopantomogram and elbow joint radiographs were taken to assess the dental age through modified Demirjian's method and the radiological age through Sangma et al. staging method, respectively. Statistical Analysis: Data were analyzed using SPSS Statistics Version 26; descriptive statistics and regression statistics were used in the study. Results: Dental age by Demirjian's method in males with standard deviation was 15.25 (2.17), with a mean difference of 1.08 and significant P = 0.03. However, in females, dental age by Demirjian's method with standard deviation was 14.30 (1.94) with a mean difference of 0.74 and insignificant P = 0.07. Interclass correlation coefficient of dental age with chronological age, in males and females, showed 0.85 and 0.87 correlation, respectively. Correlation between the skeletal maturity and the dental age was reflected by the association of Demirjian stage 9 in the second molar with radiological stage 5 in males and stage 4 in females. Conclusions: It was concluded that Demirjian's method shows a significant correlation and P value for the age estimation in males of the Mumbai region.


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Hemlata Pandey, Vandana Tripathi, Harish Pathak, Sumit Choudhary, & Manoj Parchake. (2019). Age estimation and comparison by dental and skeletal maturity in the age range of 9–18 years in the Mumbai region. Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, 11(3), 142–146.


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