Evaluation of Frontal Sinus Morphology in Gender Determination by Using PNS View in U.P. Population: A Radiomorphometric Study





Forensics, Frontal Sinus, Gender Determination, PNS Views


Background: The importance of frontal sinuses in Forensic Radiology has been well documented. Literature revealed few studies on the morphometric analysis of frontal sinuses on paranasal radiographs in sex determination. This initiated this radiographic study with the aim of analysing the dimensions of the frontal sinuses through digital PNS radiographs for gender determination. Materials and Methods: The study group comprised 150 healthy adults of either gender over the age of 20 years. One paranasal sinus radiograph was made for each patient using the standardized radiographic technique. Digital measurements of the height, width and area of the frontal sinuses were recorded using AutoCAD 2014 software. The data collected was subjected to statistical analysis. Results: This study found an accuracy rate of 68.6% for sex determination through paranasal sinus radiographs. It was noted that the right height of the frontal sinus was a better predictor than any other parameter assessed for identifying the gender. Conclusion: From the present study, we conclude that the dimensions of frontal sinuses on PNS views can be used as an essential tool for gender determination in forensic sciences.


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